The University of Integrated Health (UIH) is America’s premier alternative medical education provider. UIH offers full-time four years Doctor of Functional Medicine (FMD) program into accelerated two-year online education and another year of internship. Our compressed program provides you with a rigorous curriculum that blends a thorough scientific foundation.


Our comprehensive training focuses on treatment modalities for whole body and mind solutions.

Accreditation and Program Overview

University of Integrated Health (UIH) is accredited by AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE). After graduation from UIH students are qualified to apply AADP and QAHE to become board certified holistic health professionals without further exam. Accreditation allows UIH graduates to sit for the board examinations, which are the gateway to practice in licensed states.

Become a naturopathic doctor through our holistic medical program which encompasses the diagnosis and management of primary care patients through the use of natural means that include naturopathic counseling, nutrition, wellness counseling, botanicals, physical medicine, homeopathy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, and natural pharmaceuticals. UIH teaches the tenets and philosophy of the profession and the profession’s unique and all-encompassing natural approach to the patient.

  • The University of Integrated Health is committed to producing outstanding functional integrative health leaders through transformative education and training.
  • We specialize in teaching, curriculum design, mentoring, faculty development, and educational research. Our goal is to provide the highest quality functional medicine education to current and future healthcare practitioners, researchers, and educators.
  • We believe that improving health and well-being for both patients and practitioners requires knowledge of the most current research and evidence-based practices, skills in connecting with people to provide relationship-centered care, and a commitment to self-care.
  • We also recognize that wellness and illness are shaped by the contexts of people’s lives. Our Education Program emphasizes awareness of and responses to the social, behavioral, and economic factors that influence health and health care.

Our curriculums are developed and instructed by experts and healthcare professionals.The courses are primarily delivered by faculty members of the Department of Functional Medicine in collaboration with the Nutritional Sciences.

  • Foundational of Health and Functional Nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Functional Medicine
  • Human Pathophysiology
  • Psychology
  • Microbiology
  • Digestion, Absorption, and Gut Flora
  • Functional Medicine Approach to Chronic Diseases
  • Immune Imbalances and Inflammation
  • Internal Condition
  • Mind-Body Solution
  • Legal and Ethics of Functional Integrative Health Care

Course Description

What is the best way to get an functional medicine degree online?

  • Functional medicine is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for people to seek medical treatment. Functional medicine believes in treating the whole patient, from their mental and environmental health to their physical ailments and even their spiritual development.  Given the recent turn towards wellness and balance instead of just making a snap diagnosis and writing out a prescription, the rise of functional medicine makes a lot of sense.
  • Are you interested in earning your functional medicine degree online?
  • Keep on reading to know what to look for in online functional medicine programs.
    • Multiple Tracks to Choose From 
  • The best online functional medicine degree programs are those that allow you to choose from a variety of different tracks. Functional medicine is a broad field, and you want to focus on the concentration that most appeals to you.  You’ll be prepared to enter into a wide variety of different careers in the integrative medical field. You can focus on areas like nutrition, chemistry, and biology, the use of adaptive equipment within occupational therapy, and even the underlying causes of stress.
    • Flexibility 
  • When you want to earn your functional medicine degree online, flexibility is key. You need to be able to take your courses on your own time, especially if you can’t currently quit your job or if you can’t find the time to travel back and forth to campus. Online distance education allows you to do just that. You should also have several options when it comes to your timeline and entry requirements.
  • Since many people, especially those re-entering the workforce after a long absence, don’t have time to take the SAT or ACT, you should also look for programs that don’t require them for entry.
    • A Strong Curriculum
  • When you’re looking at functional medicine degree programs, you also need to understand what to expect from the curriculum. You need to be certain that you’ll have a solid foundation upon which to grow your skill set. You should expect to take classes on general psychology, nutrition therapy, anatomy and medical terminology, and even courses on aging and how lifestyles can impact one’s health.
    • Ready to Apply for Your Functional Medicine Degree? 
  • Now that you know what to look for in online functional medicine programs, it’s time for you to start chasing your dreams. At UIH, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to apply. We are accredited by the AADP and our excellent reputation speaks to how we value flexibility and our commitment to our students.
  • There’s no reason for you to wait to earn your functional medicine degree.
  • Self-Paced – On-demand learning – sign up now and get access now
  • High quality content – Developed by experts in their field, well researched, and referenced curriculum you can trust.
  • Delivered online – An easy-to-navigate, web-based format that may include video, activities, quizzes.
  • Continuing education – Designed for healthcare professionals. Open to all. Continuing education credit is often available.

The Course Includes

Functional Integrative Medicine
Anatomy and Physiology
Evolutionary Medicine
Western and Traditional Medicine
Healing Mind, Body, and Soul

Course Details

FMD Course Outline:

This degree program could be enrolled by individuals or physicians from different fields such as Medical doctors, Chiropractors, DO, and different health care practitioners from Integrated health care such as naturopaths, holistic, functional medicine, regenerative medicine, nutritionist, etc.

FMD Course Credit:

  1. Principal of Integrative Medicine
  2. Anatomy and Physiology  – 3 credit hours
  3. Functional Medicine 1  – 3 credit hours
  4. Functional Medicine 2  – 3 credit hours
  5. Functional Medicine 3  – 3 credit hours
  6. Functional Medicine 4  – 3 credit hours
  7. Pathophysiology – 3 credit hours
  8. Microbiology
  9. Sociology – 3 credit hours
  10. Embryology & Histology – 3 credit hours
  11. Immunology – 3 credit hours
  12. Evolutionary Medicine – 3 credit hour
  13. Clinical Nutrition – 3 credit hours
  14. Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM – 3 credit hours
  15. Modern Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – 3 credit hours
  16. Internal Condition – 3 credit hours
  17. Modern Medicine – 3 credit hours
  18. Complementary and Alternative Medicines – 3 credit hours
  19. Regenerative Medicine – 3 credit hours
  20. Mind-Body Solution – 3 credit hours

– Dissertation – 15 credit hours

Total Credit Hours: 75

Requirements for enrollment: 

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Basic understanding of nutrition and a healthy diet
  • Desire to help others obtain their nutritional and optimal health goals
  • Must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Must have completed the Intro to Biochemistry and Biology UIH course if no prior medical background has been held.
  • Must have completed the Certified Integrative Nutritionist program or any other nutritionist certification approved by UIH Department of Education.

 Learning Format:   

  • Comprehensive manuals and/or digital textbooks, online resources, video presentations with power-point lecture notes, weekly quizzes, and online final exam.

 Exam Requirement:  

  • Passing an online exam with 70% or higher.
  • The exam is based on the course materials. No added materials are needed.
  • Once you submit your examination for grading and pass, you will receive your grade and credentials immediately


Total Tuition for the four years doctoral program: Regular $37,500.00 Special $11,250.00

Name of the Course Instructors:

  • Dr. Jacob Vonfeldt, DC, IMD


  • Dr. Andris Kazmers, MD


  • Dr. Austin McJunkins, MD


  • Dr. Todid Najafi​, DC


  • Dr. Dawndi Reeves, DC 


  • Dr. M. Mojibul Haque, ND, PhD


  • Dr. Adrian Isaza, DC, PhD 


  • Dr. E. W. Williams, DC


  • Dr. Sara Florida, PhD


  • Dr. Noel Boaz MD, PhD


  • Dr. Lauren J. Marchefka, MSN, BA, FNP-BC, ABAAHP


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