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Evolution of Brain and Behavior, Comparative Primate Psychology and Aggression, Ethology, Stress Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Paleoneurology, The Nature of Culture, Hominid Paleontology, Neural Biological Variability, Sexual Dimorphism, Allometry


Asia, Europe; Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa


Holloway’s current research is basically three-fold: (1) to study the brain endocasts of fossil hominids to better understand how the human brain evolved; (2) to continue studies on ape brain endocast morphology and variation as a comparative basis for (1); (3) to study modern human brain variation with regard to brain weight, brain organization, and sexual dimorphism.


University of California, Berkeley, PhD in Anthropology, 1964
University of New Mexico, BA in Geology and Engineering, 1959
Drexel Institute of Technology, Co-op Program in Metallurgical Engineering, 1956

Dr. Lori Smiskol

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