BDefinition of Cancer: Cancer is a common disease that occurs in about 38.4% of people [3].  It occurs when cells divide uncontrollably in the body.  It begins when changes in a person’s genes causes the abnormal cell growth which can cause tumors in the body [1].  Cancerous cells can spread throughout the body in smaller tumors or a metastasis.  They do this by travelling through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system [2].  If spread through the bloodstream, cancer cells often get stuck in small blood vessels such as capillaries.  In able to spread, cancerous cells break away from the primary cancer and attach themselves in other areas of the body. 

Main Groups of Cancer: There are roughly 200 different types of cancer and are named after their place of origin in the body.  These hundreds of types of cancer are categorized into 5 main groups: Carcinomas, Lymphomas, Leukemia’s, Brain Tumors, and Sarcomas.

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