The University of Integrated Health (UIH) is America’s premier integrative medical education provider. UIH offers full-time four years Doctor of Integrative Medicine (IMD) program into accelerated two-year online education and another year of internship in any type of integrative medicine clinic. Our compressed program provides you with a rigorous curriculum that blends a thorough scientific foundation with clinical experience.


IMD education and trainings focus on complete treatment for whole body and mind solutions.

Accreditation and Program Overview

University of Integrated Health (UIH) is accredited by AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE). After graduation from UIH students are qualified to apply AADP and QAHE to become board-certified health care professionals without any further exams. Accreditation allows UIH graduates to sit for the board examinations, which are the gateway to practice in licensed states.

Become an integrative medicine doctor through our holistic integrative medical program which encompasses the diagnosis and management of primary care patients through integrative counseling in parallel to conventional medicine, evidence-based nutrition, wellness counseling, botanicals, physical medicine, Functional Medicine, TCM, homeopathy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, regenerative therapies, and nutraceuticals. UIH teaches the tenets and philosophy of the profession and the profession’s unique and all-encompassing integrated approach to the patient.

Our curriculums are developed and instructed by experts and healthcare professionals. The courses are primarily delivered by faculty members of the Department of Integrative Medicine in collaboration with the Nutritional Sciences.

    1. Integrative Health Care and Legalities
    2. Anatomy and Physiology
    3. Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Management
    4. Human Pathophysiology and Psychology
    5. Microbiology and Blood Chemistry
    6. Acupressure Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Advance Kinesiology
    7. Application of Functional Medicine and Holistic Healing
    8. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Philosophy & Research
    9. Ayurveda and Naturopathic Medicine
    10. Internal Condition and Energy Medicine
    11. Mind-Body Connection, Prevention, and Wellness
    12. Biological, Regenerative, and Body-Based Therapies

Transform Healthcare Through Integrative Medicine

  • A passionate pledge to nurture the practical integrative medicine capability and confidence that makes board-certified integrative medicine practitioners sought in their field.

  • Create an integrated learning experience that challenges, educates, empowers, and inspires health professionals to set ego aside, question everything they’ve been taught, and develop the deep, practical application know-how that differentiates a savvy integrative medicine practitioner from their peers.

  • An experienced, multi-modality tribe of like-minded integrative health professionals, driven and supported to make a significant change in health care, together, no matter where or how they practice.

    The Course Includes

    Integrative and Functional Nutrition
    Oriental Medicine
    Healing Mind, Body, and Soul
    Regenerative Medicine
    Western and Traditional Medicine
    TCM and Alternative Medicine

    Science About IMD

    The Science of Integrative Medicine will help you take a proactive approach to your health and wellness in an integrative approach of healing mind, body, and soul. As you delve deeper into integrative practices and learn the science behind how and why they work, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for why western doctors are now evaluating and incorporating such practices into an array of tools at their disposal to help you reach and maintain wellness. At the conclusion of the course, you’ll find yourself to be a more informed decision-maker. And you’ll see that by working with

    your doctor to discuss the scientifically backed practices you feel comfortable with, it is possible to put together an integrative program that can positively affect your health.

    IMD Course Outline:

    This degree program could be enrolled by individuals or physicians from different fields such as Medical doctors, Chiropractors, DO, and different health care practitioners from Integrated health care such as naturopaths, holistic, functional medicine, regenerative medicine, nutritionist, etc.

    IMD Course Credit:

    1. Principal of Integrative Medicine 
    2. Anatomy and Physiology – 3 credit hours
    3. Pathophysiology – 3 credit hours
    4. Microbiology – 3 credit hours
    5. Sociology – 3 credit hours
    6. Embryology & Histology – 3 credit hours
    7. Immunology – 3 credit hours
    8. Evolutionary Medicine – 3 credit hours
    9. Functional Medicine – 3 credit hours
    10. Clinical Nutrition  – 3 credit hours
    11. Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM  – 3 credit hours
    12. Modern Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – 3 credit hours
    13. Advance Kinesiology – 3 credit hours
    14. Internal Condition – 3 credit hours
    15. Blood Chemistry and Lab  – 3 credit hours
    16. Modern Medicine – 3 credit hours
    17. Complementary and Alternative Medicines – 3 credit hours
    18. Modern Acupuncture – 3 credit hours
    19. Regenerative Medicine – 3 credit hours
    20. Mind-Body Solution  – 3 credit hours

    -Dissertation -15 credit hours

    Total Credit Hours: 75

    Requirements for enrollment: 

    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • High school diploma or GED
    • Basic understanding of nutrition and a healthy diet
    • Desire to help others obtain their nutritional and optimal health goals
    • Must have completed a bachelor’s degree from any discipline
    • Must have completed the Intro to Biochemistry and Biology UIH course if no prior medical background has been held.
    • Must have completed the Certified Integrative Nutritionist program or any other nutritionist certification approved by UIH Department of Education.

    Learning Format:   

    • Comprehensive manuals and/or digital textbooks, online resources, video presentations with power-point lecture notes, weekly quizzes, and online final exams.
    • Passing an online exam with 70% or higher.
    • The exam is based on the course materials. No added materials are needed.
    • Once you submit your examination for grading and pass, you will receive your grade and credentials immediately


    Total Tuition for the four years doctoral program: Regular $37,500.00 Special $11,250.00

    Instructor Details:

    • Dr. Austin McJunkins, MD


    • Dr. Andris Kazmers, MD


    • Dr. Todid Najafi​, DC


    • Dr. Dawndi Reeves, DC 


    • Dr. M. Mojibul Haque, ND, PhD


    • Joe Ana Jones, PhD


    • Dr. Jacob Vonfeldt, DC, IMD


    • Dr. Adrian Isaza, DC, PhD 


    • Dr. E. W. Williams, DC


    • Dr. Sara Florida, PhD


    • Dr. Noel Boaz MD, PhD


    • Dr. Lauren J. Marchefka, MSN, BA, FNP-BC, ABAAHP


    • Dr. Marina D. Crosby


    For more information email: