Vice President’s letter about 2020 virtual graduation

The following letter was sent to AUIM 2020 graduates and their families by Dr. Mohammad Haque, Vice President of Academic Affairs on July 2, 2020:

Dear AUIM Graduates and Families,

We are extremely proud to extend to you an invitation for the Spring semester of 2020 virtual graduation. The decision to move to a virtual graduation ceremony was made in light of the current stay-at-home orders, social distancing requirements and restrictions on large gatherings. This is a very difficult decision that was made with the safety of our students, staff, families and community in mind. The virtual graduation will take place on July 27, 10 am (CST), 2020. Dr. Nicole Kimmel, the President of GEMA (Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association) and many other educators have accepted our invitation to present their commencement speech.

To the extent possible, the virtual graduation ceremony will replicate as many components of an in-person graduation ceremony, including student speeches, honors and student recognition, etc. The ceremony will be streamed for families to view from the comfort and safety of their own homes. However, you will need to collect your own caps and gowns.

Recently, we had the honor of meeting with several students and were able to provide input and share thoughts regarding distance learning and virtual graduation planning. The voice of our students is extremely important as we move forward in finishing the program and celebrating the spring session of 2020.  Clearly, the decision to move to a virtual ceremony was made based upon an unpredictable, uncertain, and ever-changing future amidst COVID19. In the event that all restrictions are lifted and large gatherings are permitted, and we can safely provide an in-person graduation ceremony on those dates.

Although we know an in-person ceremony is everybody’s preference, in order to provide each student the opportunity to be recognized at this significant milestone, we must plan immediately to execute a virtual ceremony in the event an in-person graduation is not possible. As we move forward with planning and identifying details for the virtual graduation ceremony, we will continue to communicate to students and families.

I want to close by reflecting the difficulty of this journey, their loss, grief and pain, and the challenges of the new reality we are currently living in. The Class of 2020 are incredible leaders and bright lights! Rest assured, our future is in great hands as these students are our future leaders.

If you could please return the RSVP to our office by 20th July 2020, it would be much appreciated. We look forward to your virtual attendance at the graduation ceremony.

Congratulations 2020 Gratudates! You make us proud.



Dr.  Mohammad Haque

Vice President of Academic Affairs

American University of Integrative Medicine (AUIM)

LIVESTREAM Information Coming Soon…

Q: Is there a possibility of having an in-person graduation in the future?
A: Yes. We are mindful of the safety guidelines, and should the social distancing measures lift and guidelines are adjusted, the Board of Education will consider having an in-person graduation ceremony at a later time.

Q: What is a virtual graduation?
A: A virtual graduation is an alternative way, in lieu of the in-person graduation, to provide a platform to celebrate the graduates. It will be premiered on a number of livestreams, providing a personalized recognition of each graduate, as well as including performances and speeches from students, professors, and Board Members.

Q: Why was the decision made to conduct a virtual graduation?
A: The decision to have the virtual graduation was due to the COVID-19 closures and social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). We deeply care about the safety of our students, staff and guests. Additionally, a virtual graduation provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our students.

Q: Typically, you can only bring a limited number of guests/families to a graduation ceremony. How many guests can participate in a virtual graduation?
A: There is no limit to the number of guests and families for a virtual graduation. Anyone with the link can view and in some cases participate in the audience with comments and emojis.

Q: I don’t have internet access to view the livestream of a virtual graduation so how do I view the virtual graduation?
A: Each graduation ceremony will be recorded, therefore you will be able to view at any time and have as a keepsake.