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Dr. Tohid Najafi


Professor, Integrative Medicine
Biomedical and Histopathology Scientist

Biomedical researcher with 6 years of experience in histopathology science as well as teaching and development of NIH-funded research projects in graduate academic levels.

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Tohid Najafi is a Biomedical and Histopathology Scientist with over six years of experience in biomedical research and histopathology science. He holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of Michigan, where he conducted research on chemotherapy-induced oxidative stress and infertility. Tohid also pursued postgraduate studies in Biochemistry at Wayne State University and earned a Master’s degree in Anatomy and Histology from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran. Currently, he serves as the Laboratory Director and Lead Histologist at Gopath Laboratories in Buffalo Grove, IL, overseeing operations and managing a team of 45 employees. Tohid’s research interests include enzyme biomechanics in infertility and cancer, with a focus on oxidative stress and its impact on reproductive health. He has been recognized for his contributions with awards such as the US Permanent Residency for Outstanding Researcher and a Reproductive Science Fellowship from Wayne State University.


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