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Professor, Evolutionary and Regenerative Medicine

Professor, Anatomy
& Physiology

Dr A. J. Medina MD

Professor of Regenerative medicine AJ medicine

Professor, Integrative Medicine

Professor, Integrative Medicine

 Instructor, Functional Nutrition

Professor, Embryology and Histology

Professor, Psychology

Professor, Pharmacology and Microbiology

Professor, Internal Medicine

Professor, Functional Medicine

 Professor, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professor, Integrative Medicine

Russo, Ruthann, PhD, DAc, MPH, LAc. Mind & Body Medicine

Dr. Russo Ruthan PhD, DAc, MPH, LAc.

Professor, MBM Mind & Body Medicine 

Dr. Delayne Gratopp.NMD, MS (Prof. of Biochemistry) JPG

Dr. Delayne Gratopp, NMD, MS

Professor, Biochemistry and Former President of UIH

Clinical Nutrition  


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Alyssa Watson
BA Business Management