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Professor Lauren J. Marchefka


Professor, Regenerative Medicine

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Lauren J. Marchefka, MSN, BA, FNP-BC, ABAAHP, is a highly skilled and board-certified clinician with a focus on clinical research, holistic prevention, and overall wellness. With extensive experience in integrative and complementary medicine, she approaches patient care with a functional perspective, blending both traditional and alternative therapies for optimal health outcomes.
Lauren holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Duke University, where she specialized as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Psychopathology from the University of Michigan.
Her professional journey spans various healthcare settings, from urgent care facilities to regenerative medicine institutes, where she has excelled in providing comprehensive patient care. Lauren’s expertise includes ketamine-assisted therapy, regenerative medicine, mental health integrative medicine, and more.
Recognized for her contributions to healthcare, Lauren has received several awards and honors, including the OGACHI International Travel Scholar and the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, & Arts Hughes Scholarship.
In addition to her clinical work, Lauren is actively engaged in research, with publications focusing on public health and healthcare disparities.
As a member of prestigious organizations such as the American Academy for Anti-aging and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Lauren remains committed to advancing healthcare and promoting holistic wellness in her community.


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