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The mission of the University of Integrated Health, UIH is to improve human health through better nutrition and lifestyle. With evidence-based nutrition research to promote health, and reduce the burden of diet-related diseases and nutrition health disparities.
The Department of integrative nutrition strives to accomplish this goal through research aimed at an increased understanding of how diet influences health at molecular and population levels, the development of evidence-based nutritional strategies, informing policy, the education of researchers and practitioners, and the dissemination of most accurate nutrition information to health professionals and the public.

Researchers within the UIH aim to expand evidence-based nutrition and cutting-edge research beyond traditional nutrients and phytochemicals to focus more on dietary patterns, and beyond conventional outcome measures like cholesterol to include more recently established risk factors for disease.

such as insulin resistance, inflammatory markers and DNA-methylation. Dietary strategies for weight loss are also a primary topic of research interest. Our research articles and journals consistently deliver the widest range of in-depth articles in the field of nutritional science. It presents up-to-date, critical reviews of key topics in nutrition science advancing new concepts and hypotheses that encourage the exchange of fundamental ideas on nutritional well-being in both humans and animals.

We offer expertise and resources to study various nutrient-dense healthy diets and specific nutrients in a unique, controlled environment. We plan precise diets or analyze the nutrient intake of subjects. We provide these nutrition-related services-

  • We provide nutrition protocols to millions of people with serious diseases. 
  • We provide nutrition-related educational materials and delivery of nutritional education to individual research subjects as well as group education programs
  • With education as a key tenant of the department’s mission, hundreds of students, post-doctoral fellows, and research associates have spent their formative years in degree programs, fellowship opportunities, and research collaborations. 
  • We affiliate with the department and have progressed to become leaders in nutrition research, education, and practice, as well as creators of nutrition departments and institutions.
  • We analyze and interpret nutrition-related data and results
  • We publish writing scientific publications on nutrition-related research
  • We do clinical trials to increase professional and public confidence to use nutritional therapies as a potent weapon in the fight against chronic disease.

Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle Medicine Research The mission of the University of Integrated Health UIH is to improve human health through better nutrition and lifestyle. The Department strives


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